“Professional’ Salon Hair Care Products At Drug or Grocery Stores Are Not Cheaper

We mentioned in a past post how bad “diversion” is and how it can be harmful not only to the company that produces salon products, but it can also be harmful to you the consumer. 
To recap, Diversion is when salon professional products are sold in unauthorized places. Buying these diverted products from your local supermarket or drug store means that you are buying products that might be tampered with, expired, more expensive, or even counterfeit!Here’s another example how awful DIVERSION is!!! Yes, we mean to overly use those exclamation points because diversion is bad.

When you buy salon professional products at a drug store you are paying way more and you are doing a disservice to yourself.  These products may be old or they may even be contaminated or quite possibly the ingredients are entirely fake and the product made from junk.

Support your local salon and only buy your hair care products at a trusted salon! We sell Paul Mitchell, Goldwell, Kevin Murphy, O.P.I and other fantastic products. Stop in and get our real, professional hair and nail products at a lower price.
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