A lot of people don’t fully understand the meaning of DIVERSION and continue to wonder why they see the professional products their Stylists are using at their local Target, Walmart and many other non salon professional retailers….

So what is this thing called diversion? Diversion is when Salon Professional Products are sold in unauthorized places.  Buying these diverted products from your local supermarket or drug store means that you are buying products that might be tampered with, expired, more expensive, or even counterfeit!

Paul Mitchell created a hotline where you can report diverted products and notes the following about its products and diversion:

Diversion occurs when professional salon products are sold by unauthorized retailers and e-tailers. Oftentimes these products are old, stolen, counterfeit or tampered with, and they even cost more!  That’s why you should only purchase Paul Mitchell products within the professional beauty salon industry.

When you buy diverted products at unauthorized mass retailers and e-tailers, you many think it’s a deal but it’s far from it! Diverted product changes hands so many times, it’s often more expensive—as much as a dollar or more than the suggested retail price!

Remember that Paul Mitchell products are only guaranteed when purchased within the professional beauty salon industry, not from a drugstore, supermarket or other unauthorized source.

Help stop diversion by only purchasing your professional products by a trusted salon because it really isn’t more convenient buying them else where when they can not be trusted.