Behind the “Shellac” Bottle

Many people wonder if Shellac is really a safe nail manicure or pedicure option.  Some have questioned the use of UV (Ultra-Violet) light and whether or not it will cause skin caner.  Others are concerned, when their manicures become old and chipped, by the way the nails get peeled off.  Here are a few facts about Shellac:


1.) Shellac or “gel” polish does not ruin your nails BUT removing it yourself by peeling will ruin your nails over time.

2.) Its a proven fact that having your hands under the UV light or LED light DOES NOT cause skin cancer.

3.) CND is the only true “Shellac” brand which is a hybrid of nail polish and gel – Any other company is a Gel Polish which is just colored gel, causing it to be harder to soak off.

4.) Removal of Shellac or Gel polish should not be done by a drill- simply soaking in acetone for 5-10 minutes does the trick.